Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks to Mother of the Munchkins for a Wonderful Review.

I was so excited to see such a glowing review from out of nowhere. Thanks Bethany for your insightful, well-written review of The Legend of Lucy Keyes. Please visit Bethany's site and her review at

Friday, March 16, 2007


The moon and stars literally aligned a couple weeks ago, when there was a full moon and a lunar eclipse in the North East. My wife and I had a snowshoe/bonfire party in our back yard. I marked the trail up the side of Wachusett Mountain with tiki torches directly up into the land once owned by the Keyes family, where Lucy Keyes disappeared and the place where Martha Keyes haunts. As the Earth's shadow obscured the moon, about 25 of us set off on our tramp into the dark woods. Following the tiki torch trail we snaked our way directly into Lucy Keyes territory.

I had set up a mid-tramp resting point at a flat-topped rock with a bottle of Patron Tequila. I fondly dubbed the rock "Lucy Keyes Rock," as it is exactly mid-way between the site of Lucy’s house and the lake she and her sister visited that fateful day. The moon was completely shaded as we drank a toast to Lucy’s mother, Martha; our headlamps and the tiki torches the only illumination of our solemn honorarium.

The rest of the tramp was beautiful and inspirational as the moon revealed itself once again and brighten the woods, triggered in part by the tequila warming our bellies. The flame of each next torch flickered through the trees in the distance as we trod through the 8 inches of fresh snow.

We returned to our house and lit the bonfire that roared into the night.

The next day I hiked up into the woods to retrieve the torches and the bottle we left stashed at Lucy Keyes rock. Each of the torches had burned itself out and I gathered them one by one. When I arrived at the rock I opened my backpack and loaded up the half empty Patron bottle and the plastic cups we used for our toast. I went to grab the torch closest to the rock and in the bright daylight sun, I almost burned my self when I discovered what I could barely see... it was still burning. It was a good 16 hours since I had originally lit it. I couldn’t help but think this was Lucy’s eternal flame.

As I extinguished the flame and gathered up the torch, I heard something. Was it a tree creaking in the cold wind? Was it a distant coyote? Or was the high-pitched cry Martha’s keening voice calling for Lucy?

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Bob Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain"

Has anyone listened to Bob Dylan's new album, Modern Times? The first cut is a song called, "Thunder on the Mountain", and I swear he mentions Lucy Keyes in the first verse. "I wonder where the hell Lucy Keyes could be." Kind of creepy! Check it out. If you go to iTunes, the sample of the song contains the first verse so you can hear it without buying the song. It's a great album, though and I would recommend buying the whole thing!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Lucy Keyes is scheduled to air next on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) on Wednesday Dec. 20th at 9:50PM.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BIG NEWS! According to Lifetime, the premiere of The Legend of Lucy Keyes on Lifetime Movie Network was the 4th highest rated in the history of the network! And that includes studio fare. Thank you to everyone who has supported this film and please continue to spread the word! More airings of Lucy Keyes are scheduled for December, check for specifics. Meanwhile the DVD is available at, Netflix, Blockbuster and lots of other outlets.

Monday, October 16, 2006



The Legend of Lucy Keyes is launched to rave reviews.

Following its premiere on the Lifetime Movie Network last week and its national DVD release, The Legend of Lucy Keyes, a ghostly story based on a 250-year-old legend, is gaining momentum with positive reviews from the critics. Entertainment Weekly calls the film, “a beautifully filmed spookfest” that “brings out the goosebumps.” Steve Anderson from says Lucy Keyes is “one of the downright creepiest movies I’ve seen lately” with “a healthy body of shock value through the narrative.” He continues saying, “the plot will become significantly more complex than anyone saw coming… this adds a note of quality that most movies struggle and ultimately fail to achieve.” In describing the conclusion Anderson says, “The ending is an explosive intermingling of death and shocks, leading up to an incredible close. It's a spectacularly well-crafted ending to a spectacularly well-crafted film.”

In other reviews, The Hollywood Reporter praised the film’s star by saying that the film, “taps into the intense mother-daughter bond at the heart of this haunting… Julie Delpy is as ethereal as the ghost she senses.” calls the movie “a tightly crafted, good old-fashioned ghost story.” They go on to say that The Legend of Lucy Keyes is, “an entertaining, well executed and very surprising ghost story that is well worth a viewing.”

The Legend of Lucy Keyes is based on an actual haunting of Wachusett Mountain in Central Massachusetts and was written and directed by Massachusetts filmmaker, John Stimpson. Stimpson and his family live on part of the property in Princeton, MA, originally farmed by the Keyes family 250 years ago. Little Lucy Keyes went missing on April 14, 1755 never to be found again. As legend tells, her mother’s heartbroken spirit still haunts the hillsides of Wachusett Mountain searching for her lost child.

In the film a normal family is forced to struggle with the paranormal. Guy and Jeanne Cooley have moved with their children, Molly and Lucy, from the city to a small town, having just suffered the devastating loss of their youngest child. Guy is embarking on a wind farm project that requires the townspeople to approve construction on the land where Lucy Keyes disappeared and on which the spirit of her mother is believed to still wander. The story carefully builds as the complex web of relationships between the townspeople and their connection to Lucy Keyes is revealed. Ultimately Jeanne unearths an age-old secret and the ties to the past become frighteningly real.

Prior to its release The Legend of Lucy Keyes won the Audience Award for best narrative feature at the Independent Film Festival of Boston in April of this year. It has also screened at festivals in Santa Barbara, Sedona, AZ, Sonoma Valley, Winston-Salem, NC and Woods Hole.

Visit for more information or to order the DVD.

Here are the links to some of the reviews quoted above:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Don't miss the premiere of The Legend of Lucy Keyes on the Lifetime Movie Network this Saturday at 8:00PM. Spread the word and set your TiVos! Visit and watch the new trailer too, they did an excellent job. There is also going to be an entire Lucy Keyes page with an on-line interview with Julie Delpy so keep checking back.

We’ve gotten some great new reviews!

Entertainment Weekly gives Lucy a B+ and calls the movie, "a beautifully filmed spookfest, that brings out the goosebumps."'s review says Lucy is, "an entertaining, well executed and very surprising ghost story that is well worth a viewing." Go to: for the whole thing.

Also, watch for an article by Don Aucoin featuring Lucy Keyes and her big premiere in tomorrow's Boston Globe.

Finally, Blockbuster can’t keep the DVD on the shelves it’s been so popular. As for it next time you go to Blockbuster or any rental shop. We need them to buy more!

Thanks for your continued support.

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